Buss brothers deny trying to remove Jeanie Buss as controlling owner

1Lakers president and co-owner Jeanie Buss has thwarted a legal attempt by her older brothers, Johnny and Jim Buss, to strip her of her seat on the Lakers’ board of directors, and potentially her controlling ownership of the NBA team.

On Feb. 24, the elder Buss brothers sent a notice to the Lakers’ shareholders to hold a meeting next Tuesday to elect a new board of directors, because it had been more than 15 months since the annual shareholders meeting had been convened, documents filed by Jim and Johnny Buss’ attorneys say.

If you can come up with someone better than Diaw, particularly someone from before the year 2000, let me know via email or Twitter.

“Have the details of the actual trade package Boston proposed to Charlotte ever been revealed? What were the four first-round picks and where did they land? Were the Brooklyn picks involved?” – Emmanuel Mpagi

They also set the record without Kevin Love, their second-most productive 3-point shooter this season in terms of total makes, and J.R. Smith, their fourth-most productive 3-point shooter in terms of made 3s per game, as both starters are recovering from injuries.

“Well, we got a lot of great shooters, and it’s definitely something that’s a part of our team, part of our DNA, and when you have Swish [Smith], when you have Kev, it makes us even more dynamic, but you don’t need to talk about it,” James said. “We don’t talk about it like, ‘Let’s go set a 3-point record.’ It just happens in the flow, and it happened tonight.”

Every team is still playing. The games are meaningful enough to plan your night around a Nationals/Mets game or some nonsense, unless you’re a Nationals or Mets fan, in which case you’re planning your night around a Giants/Dodgers game (assuming your team is off or just finished a day game.)

The bad teams get to watch fresh rookies and prospects. The good teams are knifing each other. This is easily the best baseball month.