Nowitzki has 5,383 points to his name when the 2002 postseason begins.

For a decade, his status was unquestioned in Dallas. Even when he suffered a broken clavicle in 2010, he was replaced by Jon Kitna for the remainder of the season and there was no doubt that Romo would assume his role as the Cowboys’ leader in 2011.

The same could be said during his injury-filled 2015 season, but when Dak Prescott took over in 2016, the rookie never gave the job back.

Now it’s Prescott who’s assured the starting job for the Cowboys in 2017, and it’s Romo’s $24.7 million cap hit on the schedule that virtually guarantees he won’t be on the team unless he receives a significant pay cut.

Nowitzki has 5,383 points to his name when the 2002 postseason begins. Cuban says the first-round series, a three-game sweep of the Kevin Garnett-led Timberwolves, is when he realized how good Nowitzki could be.

“He just took over,” Cuban remembered recently. “He had the talent, he had the physical skills, but he had to have that killer instinct, and he had it.”

In three games, Nowitzki averages 33 points and 16 rebounds on 53 percent shooting. He is coming off his first All-Star appearance that year, too, and falls victim to a prank from Cuban and Nash.

“We told him to have a backpack and a toothbrush and everything, because it was an All-Star tradition to road trip somewhere,” Cuban says.

Nowitzki carries it with him for an entire day before he realized.

The extent of prescription drug use in the NFL may be even greater than reported if teams logs were improperly maintained as the lawsuit alleges. Teams may have gone to other lengths to conceal their activities, too. The lawsuit claims that NFL teams were tipped off in 2014 to a DEA raid that turned up no controlled substances.

The implications of the Post’s report is that NFL team doctors appear to have been participants in a cover up. Not only did they administer prescription drugs outside of their indications, the lawsuit alleges, but they kept NFL players in the dark.


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