Veteran defensive end Jared Allen joined the Bears this offseason from the Minnesota Vikings.

However, Bowles brings an all out Cover-0 blitz (no safeties over the top), rushing two defensive backs from the offensive left side. This rush attack from the outside is quick enough and deadly enough in combination with the rush from the right that Kaepernick has no time to look to his receivers. He quickly throws the ball away.

Watch how the mechanics of this blitz work below in the All-22 footage. It looks like Anquan Boldin’s quick out route is open, but the blitz happens so quickly Kaepernick thinks twice about making the throw.

Below, you see another cornerback blitz out of the slot. When Kaepernick sees pressure coming from this spot, his first reaction will be to throw quickly to the player the blitzer just abandoned. In this case, it’s Michael Crabtree.

The Broncos were so convinced that the concept itself was money, they ran the same exact thing on the next play from scrimmage. The Broncos caught a break that time, because I believe the Seahawks were playing zone.

As far as the current arrest and potential charge is concerned, the investigation by the San Jose Police Department is still ongoing four weeks later. The Santa Clara District Attorney will hear the case from investigators once said investigation has concluded, but nobody is quite sure when that’s going to happen.

Veteran defensive end Jared Allen joined the Bears this offseason from the Minnesota Vikings. Allen figured things out quickly.

“Not everyone has to be a vocal guy,” Allen said. “To me, it’s the commitment of his work. He puts in his time. The biggest thing is the games and putting out on the field. He plays the game in angles. In escapes. Off balance sometimes. I played with Brett Favre. He takes chances like him. That’s his game. But like with Brett, you expect it to go more in your favor than not.”1

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