Veteran defensive end Jared Allen joined the Bears this offseason from the Minnesota Vikings.

However, Bowles brings an all out Cover-0 blitz (no safeties over the top), rushing two defensive backs from the offensive left side. This rush attack from the outside is quick enough and deadly enough in combination with the rush from the right that Kaepernick has no time to look to his receivers. He quickly throws the ball away.

Watch how the mechanics of this blitz work below in the All-22 footage. It looks like Anquan Boldin’s quick out route is open, but the blitz happens so quickly Kaepernick thinks twice about making the throw.

Below, you see another cornerback blitz out of the slot. When Kaepernick sees pressure coming from this spot, his first reaction will be to throw quickly to the player the blitzer just abandoned. In this case, it’s Michael Crabtree.

The Broncos were so convinced that the concept itself was money, they ran the same exact thing on the next play from scrimmage. The Broncos caught a break that time, because I believe the Seahawks were playing zone.

As far as the current arrest and potential charge is concerned, the investigation by the San Jose Police Department is still ongoing four weeks later. The Santa Clara District Attorney will hear the case from investigators once said investigation has concluded, but nobody is quite sure when that’s going to happen.

Veteran defensive end Jared Allen joined the Bears this offseason from the Minnesota Vikings. Allen figured things out quickly.

“Not everyone has to be a vocal guy,” Allen said. “To me, it’s the commitment of his work. He puts in his time. The biggest thing is the games and putting out on the field. He plays the game in angles. In escapes. Off balance sometimes. I played with Brett Favre. He takes chances like him. That’s his game. But like with Brett, you expect it to go more in your favor than not.”1

Denver, Cleveland, Cincinnati, KC get 4 extra draft picks

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NEW YORK (AP) Denver, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Kansas City each will get four compensatory picks in April¡¯s NFL draft while Seattle will have two additional selections in the third round.

The NFL announced the distribution of the 32 compensatory picks Friday.

Teams losing more or better free agents than they acquire the previous year are eligible to receive additional picks, based on a formula that factors salary, playing time and postseason honors. The choices are distributed at the end of the third through the seventh round.

Rule changes also allow the picks to be traded this year for the first time.

Miami received two compensatory selections while Los Angeles and the Seahawks received two each. Arizona, Baltimore, Carolina, Green Bay, Indianapolis, New England, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and the New York Jets also received a compensatory selection.

This year¡¯s draft begins April 27 in Philadelphia.

And he won¡¯t have to wait two years to play in the pros, either, like former Air Force and current Atlanta Falcons lineman Ben Garland had to do.

After Navy standout QB Keenan Reynolds was drafted by the Baltimore Ravens last year, the U.S. Department of Defense changed its policy for service academy athletes who are offered the opportunity to play professionally. Now, they can receive reserve appointments upon graduation and start their pro careers immediately rather than having to serving two years of active duty first.
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¡±That¡¯s just an opportunity you can¡¯t pass up,¡± Robinette said. ¡±The academy, it¡¯s rigorous and we require a certain type of person. It¡¯s not for everyone. But just having the opportunity to play football after that, it¡¯s dessert. It¡¯s icing on the cake.¡±

Magic Johnson takes over Lakers front office after Mitch Kupchak, Jim Buss fired

The Los Angeles Lakers have hired Hall of Famer and five-time NBA champion Magic Johnson as president of basketball operations, the team announced on Tuesday. Long-time general manager Mitch Kupchak was relieved of his duties, and Jim Buss will no longer serve as Lakers executive vice president.
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Womens Daniel Sprong Jersey “I took these actions today to achieve one goal,¡± Lakers Governor Jeanie Buss said in a statement. ¡°Everyone associated with the Lakers will now be pulling in the same direction, the direction established by (Magic) and myself. We are determined to get back to competing to win NBA championships again.”

Johnson¡¯s hiring as team president comes just weeks after he stepped into an advisory role with Los Angeles in early February. One week later, the Lakers¡¯ legend told USA Today he wanted to call the shots in the front office.

¡°Right now I¡¯m advising. I get that,¡± he said. ¡°But at the end of the day, then we all got to come together and somebody¡¯s got to say, ¡®I¡¯m making the final call,¡¯ all right? And who¡¯s that going to be? So, we¡¯ll see what happens.¡¯¡¯

Johnson has been outspoken about Jim Buss¡¯ inability to create a winning team.

In April of 2014, Buss said he would step down if the Lakers were unable to make a deep playoff run within three years. Los Angeles has won just 84 total games since the end of the 2012-13 season and, at a 19-39 record, have fallen short of expectations to take a step forward this season.

“Jim is trying to do it himself and trying to prove to everybody that this was the right decision that [his] dad gave [him] the reins,” Johnson said in 2015 on ESPN’s First Take. “He’s not consulting anybody that can help him achieve his goals and dreams to win an NBA championship.”

John Harbaugh denies tipping off Colts about deflated footballs

Game Womens Steve Smith Sr Jersey John Harbaugh was a guest commentator on NBC’s Super Bowl pregame coverage on Sunday and used the opportunity to deny recent reports that the Ravens tipped off the Colts to the under-inflated footballs that launched the DeflateGate scandal. When asked by Bob Costas whether Baltimore contacted Indianapolis about the Patriots’ using deflated balls prior to the AFC Championship, Harbaugh called the rumor “ridiculous,” according to WEEI.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports reported two weeks ago that the Ravens, who lost to the Patriots in the Divisional round, reached out to the Colts to warn them during the week of the conference title game. Glazer claimed that “the NFL was already planning to inspect the balls at halftime, despite D’Qwell Jackson’s interception originally being reported as the cause.”

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the Colts already had concerns with the Patriots using under-inflated footballs after their regular-season matchup in November.

The Patriots also listed defensive end Akeem Ayers (knee), linebacker Dont’a Hightower (shoulder), quarterback Tom Brady (ankle), defensive tackle Chris Jones (elbow) and defensive tackle Sealver Siliga (foot) as probable heading into their showdown with the Seattle Seahawks Sunday.

Brady was a full participant in practice all week, despite suffering through a cold the past few days. By Sunday morning, Brady had completely recovered from the cold, according to Albert Breer of NFL Network.

The other four players in that “probable” group were each limited on the practice field as the Patriots went through their final preparations, but are expected to be ready on game day. Darrelle Revis was also limited at Friday’s practice, citing non-injury/rest reasons.
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The Patriots now have no players that have been ruled out for the game, and none that are listed as questionable or doubtful.

Sandoval decided to enlist the strength and conditioning specialist to oversee his workouts

Having watched Ferrer help Red Sox first baseman Hanley Ramirez overcome a 2015 shoulder injury and revive his career last season, Sandoval decided to enlist the strength and conditioning specialist to oversee his workouts.

The days began at 7:30 a.m., Ferrer said, with an hourlong “turf workout” to improve Sandoval’s agility. After a series of core-strengthening exercises, they moved to the weight room, alternating upper- and lower-body lifts every other day.

“If you looked at him before, if you didn’t know who he was, you wouldn’t think he’s an athlete. But if you see him now, you know he’s an athlete.”
Ray Echevarria, Pablo Sandoval’s boxing instructor
The Red Sox received frequent progress reports — “Panda watch,” if you will — because Ferrer is close with Boston strength and conditioning coach Kiyoshi Momose.

Meanwhile, Sandoval put his new wife, Yulimar, in charge of his diet. She worked with a nutritionist to come up with healthier meals for Sandoval and cooked for him throughout the offseason.

“For me, we want every September and October to be meaningful,” Henry said. “We can’t always win a ring. That’s obviously what every player and every executive in baseball is shooting for. But from my perspective, a season is a success if you’re playing meaningful games in September and October.”

Henry and Werner appear to still be committed to giving the Red Sox the resources to achieve that goal.

“I think if I [told] you, ‘Chris Sale is on the market,’ you’d say, ‘Well, what young player of the Red Sox who’s in the major leagues would have to be traded for him?'” Werner said. “We did keep the core of our team together.”

He recorded 100-plus tackles in nine of 13 seasons in the NFL

Authentic Anton Stralman Jersey The Packers wouldn’t pay top dollar for Peterson, but it’s tough to see his market really attracting a ton of interest. The Texans aren’t signing him after committing to Lamar Miller. The Giants don’t have a ton of cap room and need to fix their offensive line. The Cowboys aren’t paying Peterson to be a backup behind Ezekiel Elliott. The Bucs make sense if the guaranteed money in Doug Martin’s deal is voided by his positive drug test, but that process might still be subject to appeal.

If it’s not Peterson, the Packers could still make a move. Martin would make sense as a buy-low option, as would Jamaal Charles, who is likely to be released by the Chiefs. Ryan Mathews and Jonathan Stewart could also be available. This is also a highly regarded draft for running backs, so the Packers could opt for a runner with one of their first two picks. All of that will bring Peterson’s price down, too.

To me, the greatest example of Urlacher’s toughness occurred in his final season of 2012. Urlacher missed the entire offseason because of a knee injury that forced him to undergo arthroscopic surgery a month before the start of the regular season. Yet, somehow, Urlacher started in Week 1 and steadily improved as the year wore on before he suffered an unfortunate hamstring injury in Week 12 chasing Seattle’s Russell Wilson. Still, Urlacher’s resiliency to fight through injuries, even as his career was winding down, spoke volumes about his football character.

Urlacher retired with 41.5 sacks and 22 interceptions. He recorded 100-plus tackles in nine of 13 seasons in the NFL. When Urlacher fell short of 100 tackles, it was solely due to injuries — back, wrist, calf, etc.

Urlacher’s performance in Chicago’s thrilling come-from-behind Monday night victory in Arizona in 2006 may be the single most dominant game by a defensive player I have ever witnessed in all my years watching football. That night in the desert, Urlacher annihilated the Cardinals, recording 20-plus tackles, picking up Arizona players and driving them backward on many of the sticks.
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Westbrook poured in a game-high 47 points to go with 11 boards and eight assists on Saturday

It was the longest conversation the two superstars had engaged in since Kevin Durant’s departure. At the time, the Golden State Warriors were up 18 on the Thunder with 4 minutes, 25 seconds left in Saturday’s third quarter.
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Following a Victor Oladipo 3-pointer, Durant had some words for Russell Westbrook, who simply answered his former teammate with, “I’m coming!”

Limited Brooks Reed Jersey That miniature exchange exemplified Durant¡¯s frustration in playing alongside Westbrook for those eight years with the Thunder. It was always, ¡°I¡¯m coming. I¡¯m coming.¡± Meanwhile, the team wasn¡¯t going anywhere.

Westbrook poured in a game-high 47 points to go with 11 boards and eight assists on Saturday. However, he turned the ball over 11 times, and the Warriors exited Chesapeake Energy Arena with a 130-114 victory.

Durant registered a team-high 34 points and nine rebounds. He¡¯s averaging 37.7 points against the Thunder, and the Warriors are 3-0 against them on the season.

¡°We all have a purpose in life, and in order for us to be as great as we can be ¡ª as a nation, as a world, we all have to feel empowered.¡±
Serena Williams said the following:

¡°My view is that sometimes we as a people, we give everyone equal opportunity on the court, we give them an equal chance. We look at them the same way. Off the court we might overlook people or say ¡®Oh, they don¡¯t deserve the same opportunity. Oh, they look different, or they¡¯re not like me.¡¯ When in all actuality, we all are.¡±
Bravo, Nike and all the athletes and talents involved.

Longtime captain David Backes departed, and Alex Pietrangelo inherited the captaincy

A mix of injured, improving, plummeting and ¡°who the hell knows, man.¡± Their G/60 has risen from 2.52 by December to 2.68. But their power play hasn¡¯t improved, and neither has their league-worst penalty kill.

Fix. The. Penalty. Kill. Dallas goaltending is actually pretty good at even-strength: only five NHL teams have given up less than the Stars¡¯ 80 goals against at 5-on-5. But the Stars simply roll over when short-handed, especially on the road (68 percent). The path to the playoffs is right there, and fixing that one area of their play could make all the difference. Especially as they get healthy and impact players like Mattias Janmark return.
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Trade deadline plans: Trade expiring contracts. If Dallas keeps falling, expect Jiri Hudler, Lauri Korpikoski, Patrick Sharp, and Johnny Oduya to hit the market to clear up space and make room for a youth movement.

Twelfth in the Western Conference. Sixth in the Central. Three points back in the Wild Card race.

Armstrong: “We have to become a team again. we have to take pride in doing things for each other for the betterment of the team.”

Armstrong¡¯s assessment isn¡¯t incorrect. But he was right to lay the blame for ¡°this mess,¡± as he put it, at his own feet. Because the team¡¯s loss of identity is due to his decisions.
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This past offseason was one of change for St. Louis. Longtime captain David Backes departed, and Alex Pietrangelo inherited the captaincy. Backes embodied everything Hitchcock wanted instilled in his team: hard to play against, defensively responsible, and someone who stuck up for his teammates. His absence created a vacuum, as did the departure of veterans like Brian Elliott and Troy Brouwer.

¡°I think the culture¡¯s changed a bit, and we have to regain the culture,¡± Armstrong said.

NFL players react to the color-changing dress

Well the internet is all in a tizzy because of some nonesense this morning. On the plus size, the fact that weve spent so much time trying to figure out what colors are is defintive proof that racism has ended. But on the minus side, were wasting so much of our debate-time on such a trival matter that theres not going to be any outrage to use on real issues, like whether Adrian Petersons uniform next year should be gold and purple, or black and white horizontal stripes.

Earlier this past season, quarterback Tom Brady was praised for reworking his deal when if fact it had nothing to do with taking a “pay cut” and everything to do with a restructure that actually paid the vet more guaranteed money up front. Brady’s average may have been far below market value but his guaranteed money was on par with what was being paid out to the elite quarterbacks of the league.

With a projected spending cap of 148 million for the Broncos, they will have about 26 million free from the salary cap. Much of that however will be allocated towards Demaryius Thomas’ eventual franchise tag. WIth other free agent needs and their own draft class to take care of the Broncos will need every penny.

According to one NFL source, the Broncos and Manning’s representatives, led by agent Tom Condon, hope to reach a conclusion on a revised contract by early next week. As his current contract is written, Manning’s $19 million salary for the 2015 season would become fully guaranteed on March 9, the day before the league’s free-agent market opens.

Also looming is Manning’s physical which he needs to pass in order to be cleared for action in 2015. All indications are that Manning, at least when it comes to his surgically repaired neck, is in fine condition and ready to take on another season.

Thomas earned his fourth consecutive Pro Bowl honors in 2014 and his third consecutive first team All-Pro honors. He recorded only one interception in 2014, but managed a career-high four forced fumbles. Thomas signed a five-year, $44.7 million deal with the Seahawks in April 2014.

The Packers had been double-digit favorites in each of their first four Super Bowl appearances

This is the ultimate litmus test for Rivers. Would he still sideline players who could play even if it meant more losses? Rivers says they’re sticking to the plan.

“We’re still going to do it,” Rivers says. “We’re going to rest guys. It’d be nice in these next 41 games to put everybody in and just play them to get everyone playing in rhythm. But health is more important. And we’re going to stick to this thing.”

THE AIR IN the Clippers’ postgame locker room in the past reeked of drying sweat and freshly applied body spray. These days, though, it also smells like a James Beard award-winning kitchen during a dinner-time crush.
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Elite Womens Mark Glowinski Jersey By the time the Clippers bound into the locker room celebrating their win over the Spurs, the trays of gourmet food are ready, just as Simpson arranged. The players gobble up a postgame meal designed to replenish the body’s reserves of essential protein and carbohydrates. “You lose it during the game, and you got to get it back,” Rivers says. “Postgame meals starts the recovery quicker.”

The Packers had been double-digit favorites in each of their first four Super Bowl appearances (2-1-1 ATS), but against the Steelers, they were only 2.5-point favorites. Green Bay led the entire game to cover the spread. The game went over the total with 7:34 left in the fourth quarter.

Peyton Manning’s Colts opened as a three-point favorite before closing at 4.5 against Drew Brees and the Saints. The Colts scored the first 10 points, but the Saints outscored them 31-7 the rest of the game to earn the victory. The 56.5-point over/under remains the largest total in Super Bowl history, but the game stayed well under the total.